JK Dobbins and Mark Ingram II reportedly eligible to play against Steelers

Some Pittsburgh Media: Crows ‘get away with’ something by delaying game

The Ravens will have Griffin under center when they play in Pittsburgh. It’s obviously a much better situation at the game’s most important position than the Denver Broncos had on Sunday.

The Broncos faced the New Orleans Saints with converted practice wide receiver Kendall Hinton as the starting quarterback. They did so because their four quarters were not eligible due to COVID-19 protocols (backup quarterback Jeff Driskel tested positive for the virus, and Drew Lock, Brett Rypien and Blake Bortles were considered high risk contracts after not wearing a mask).

The results were disastrous for the Broncos, as Hinton completed 1 of 9 passes for 13 yards and two interceptions in a 31-3 loss. Denver reportedly asked the league to postpone the game until Monday, when several Broncos quarterbacks would have been eligible to play, but their request was denied.

So why has the NFL postponed the Ravens-Steelers game three times but not set back the Broncos-Saints game one day? This is a question raised not only in Denver, but also in Pittsburgh.

There is a feeling among Steelers fans and some Pittsburgh media that if the Broncos were to play without a non-quarterback at the job – the first team to do so since 1965, according to Elias Sports Bureau – the Ravens should have played. with their roster severely depleted instead of having the game repeatedly postponed.

There is a major difference in two situations. There was an ongoing COVID-19 outbreak on the Ravens, but not the Broncos.

“It’s all about identifying, isolating, and then containing the virus. As long as the NFL feels it has identified, isolated and contained the virus, it believes it can play the games,” said Adam Schefter of ‘ESPN on “Monday Night Countdown.” “If he can’t identify, if he can’t isolate, and he can’t contain – as it did in Baltimore – they’ll continue to postpone the game. That’s why Sunday’s Broncos-Saints game was because the league believed the virus had been identified, isolated and contained in Denver, while it was not in Baltimore. And that’s why this game keeps changing. “

The league’s decisions regarding both games are in line with what NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said ahead of the start of the season that “competitive inequalities” are a “reality of 2020”.

“In other words, it was going to be tough enough to play 256 full games this season. Ensuring a competitive balance at all times, the league believed, would make that impossible,” wrote Kevin Seifert of ESPN. “If that means the Saints got a win over the Broncos as they chase the No.1 seed in the NFC playoffs, so be it.”

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