Joe Biden: Former Vice President Launches 2020 Campaign Rally In Philadelphia Calling For Unity, Trump Calls


Philadelphia, Pa – "The most important thing we have to accomplish is to defeat Donald Trump," former Vice President Joe Biden said Saturday at the "official" rally of his presidential campaign in Philadelphia. Biden also called for "unity" across the country.

Now in his third bid to join the elite presidential club, Biden is voiced on a flag-draped boulevard of foreign countries in front of a high statue of the country's first president, George Washington.

In the "cradle" of American democracy, Biden criticized his proposal on climate change this week and said the "first and most important plan" in his next political deployment will be "beat Trump, beat Trump, beat Trump ".

"If the American people want a president to add to our division, that he's leading with a clenched fist, a closed hand and a hard heart, that he's demonizing opponents and spewing hate, they do not need me They already have a president who's just that, "said Biden to the crowd," I run to offer our country – Democrats, Republicans and Independents – a different path. "

"They say that Democrats are so angry that the more an applicant can be angry, the more likely he is to get the Democratic nomination," Biden said. "Well, I do not believe it … I think the Democrats want to unify this nation, that's what our party has always been."

Even if Democrats do not want an "angry" candidate, many told CBS News that they wanted a "fighter".

The participants noticed during the speech that Biden had faced the nearby stairway. Sylvester Stallone had climbed during his 1976 boxing mega hit, "Rocky", where The ferocious spirit of the American boxer until the end was symbolic, intentional or not, of Biden's efforts to combat the critics of old age and the earlier policies for which Democrats are trying to hit him.

"It's as sharp as a tack," said Debra Buzio, 61, about Biden, 76, "We need a world leader now."

Marie Wilson, 65, said Biden's age critics are moot, because Democrats attach importance to the service and intelligence of even older personalities, such as Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Younger democrats, like 22-year-old Shelby Ferguson, said "values ​​matter" and that Biden would defend those standards.

Joe Biden Philadelphia Campaign
Joe Biden greets his supporters at a campaign rally in Philadelphia on Saturday, May 18, 2019.

Bo Erickson / CBS News

About 6,000 people attended the rally, according to the private security firm hired by the Biden campaign.

The choice of venue also seems to reflect the importance of vying for the Pennsylvanians, a state won by President Trump in 2016, although in 2018 the Democrats earned points in congressional competitions.

"For the Republican and Democratic campaigns, Pennsylvania will be crucial," Biden supporter and Democratic Republican Representative Brendan Boyle, who represents a part of Philadelphia, told CBS News in an interview. "This will be the most important state in terms of victory at the White House, so insist from the start on it … shows how important it is for the candidacy of Mr. Biden."

Knowing this, Biden, who spent his youngest years in Scranton, Pennsylvania, spoke to a crowd of unionists first rally a little over three weeks ago in Pittsburgh. "If I can beat Donald Trump in 2020, it will happen here," he said at the time.

The Biden campaign has announced its national headquarters in Philadelphia this week, which is very convenient for the Bidens as their home is a short drive from the Delaware. Their popularity became clear before the rally while many locals, politicians like the Delaware Democratic Sense. Chris Coons and Tom Carper, several donors and Biden's family gathered at a Philadelphia restaurant, according to several participants.

At the state level, a poll this week by Quinnipiac showed how this Pennsylvania-centric campaign could be beneficial for Biden, who beat Trump by 11 points in a fictional race in the state.

But before Biden can compete with Trump in the 2020 elections, he must close the Democratic bid – a feat far from won, as the number of candidates continues to grow.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont in the Quinnipiac poll also beat Trump in Pennsylvania by seven points and many Democrats nationwide at Biden rallies told CBS News that they would support whoever would run for office.

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