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Director Joel Schumacher has been around for a while and has made so many movies that I bet you did not even realize it. He was behind the goal for some total cult classics like St. Elmo's Fire, Lost boys (one of my favorites), and Flatliners. He made powerful films like Fall, A time to kill, and The customer. And he made the beautiful film adaptation of The ghost of the Opera. He also has some less popular films to his credit, including the movie Batman Forever. The fans are sort of divided on this one. I do not think anyone thinks it was a good movie, but I know some people think it was fun, and do not hold it to a very high level. We had not yet tasted what was still the worldwide success of an extremely popular and super-budget superhero movie. But in a recent in-depth interview with Vulture, Schumacher talked about making the film. He said, "Making movies is not just blow jobs and sunglasses." His words, not mine.

Whatever the case may be, in the interview, Schumacher is renowned for his praise for the actors he has worked with, while very rarely saying negative things in the press. He responded by saying:

"No, I said that Tommy Lee Jones was a jerk in People magazine."

But when asked why he had worked twice with him, he replied:

He was fabulous The customer. But he was not nice to Jim Carrey when we were doing Batman Forever. And I did not say Val [Kilmer] was difficult to work with Batman Forever. I said that he was psychotic.

He then explained Jones' attitude towards Carrey:

Tommy is, and I say it with great respect, a thief. Well, you can not steal the scene from Jim Carrey. It is impossible. And, I think it upset Tommy.

He was then asked if Jones was trying to steal the scenes from Carrey and said:

No, he was not nice to Jim. He did not act towards Jim as an Oscar winner with a star on Hollywood Boulevard, being the oldest member of the cast, having had such a distinguished career and deserving the honors that accompany him, should have act towards Jim. But what happens on the board stays on the board.

When we press why Val Kilmer was psychotic, Schumacher said to check the Weekly entertainment article about it. Vulture therefore added a footnote stating that the referenced article was: "Kilmer insisted that the crew address to him as follows:" Mr. Kilmer, "would arrive late and covered with blankets, crush a cigarette on the face of a cameraman, and murmured his lines so that they could not be heard. & # 39; It sounds like a terrible experience. No wonder he does not have much to say about it. He went on to say that he believed that Kilmer was the best Batman. So that really counts for something in the circumstances.

Have you heard of this drama before?

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