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John Dorsey calls David Njoku

Cleveland Browns general manager John Dorsey stepped onto the podium today with the NFL Tassin. During his lecture, he took the time to call David Njoku.

The Cleveland Browns need a tight jamming end. It was clear as the 2018 season approached that General Manager John Dorsey was not sold due to the blocking ability of former first-choice choice David Njoku. Prior to last season, Dorsey had recruited Darren Fells as a runner-up.

At the very end of today's NFL Combine 2019 press conference, Dorsey was asked to improve the team. He notably addressed David Njoku's play. He said, "I challenge him here today, you know what, better blocking your run."

Comments on Njoku can be found at minute 18 of the following video.

Although some fans may find his challenge to Njoku hard, Dorsey is absolutely correct with his assessment. Njoku is the child of Sashi Brown's former vice president of football operations in player selection. He is an extremely sporty player who must learn to play football at the NFL.

Sashi had the habit of recruiting players like this. For example, Jabrill Peppers is extremely athletic, but he has entered the league with very little coverage of men. Seth DeValve is an extremely sporty WR / TE from Princeton who is learning to play in the tight game at the NFL. To some extent, Myles Garrett fits this mold. He is a sporty monster whose every Brown coach said he had to learn more techniques to reach his potential.

This philosophy project works very well when we can teach these players to play at the NFL level. The peppers showed how well this could work by developing human resource hedging skills. But for all peppers, there is a Njoku who seems to struggle with the nuances of his position.

Dorsey knows what Njoku can become, but he will not make it so much that he will not know how to block at the NFL level. The question on Njoku is what he wants to block.

Who can forget the "so-so-so-Browns" moment when Njoku has forgotten his assignment, allowing a defender to continue unhindered to dismiss quarterback Baker Mayfield. We were all stunned watching Greg Robinson turn around to watch Baker get fired. Robinson then shouted at Njoku for failing to recover the block.

The only block I remember that Njoku has performed correctly in the last two seasons has been half-toed Nick Chubb on the goal line. The defense rushed heavily into the field while Njoku simply protected him from Chubb. I've watched all the matches of my coaching film, it's the only properly executed block of execution that I can remember (without saying that it's not there). no more).

The problem with Njoku's blocking is that he does not seem interested in doing so. His technique is extremely poor. He can not take advantage of the defenders. His efforts seem unenthusiastic because he allows the defenders to leave the frame of his skin very quickly. In short, Njoku looks like a man indifferent to the blockage.

How do you deal with someone indifferent to doing something? Exactly! You challenge them in front of the whole world of football to do it.

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Your move Njoku. Hopefully we will be in the play area for an effective proof block.

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