John Dorsey likes the possibility of a half-headed 'monster'


3. Dorsey will discuss the future of Jamie Collins

Another meeting that Dorsey plans to take while at Combine is with linebacker Jamie Collins. The focus will be on the future of Collins, who will begin his third full season with the Browns.

Since Cleveland acquired Collins during an exchange with the Patriots in mid-season 2016, the talented linebacker has 204 tackles, seven sacks and two interceptions.

"I want to be able to hear everyone's opinion of its impact on this defense right here. He's the linebacker's coach, the defense coordinator, the head coach, "Dorsey said. "I just want to sit down and talk with so many agents of our own players this week at the Combine and it is so that Bus (Cook) is going to be here and I will be talking to Bus tomorrow.

"All I know is that he's a very talented football player and you can not get enough of your team."

4. Dorsey's special breakfast

Dorsey was radiant Thursday morning and it had nothing to do with his meeting of media obligations.

Dorsey had breakfast with John Wooten, the former Browns offensive guard, who spent nearly 20 years presiding over the Fritz Pollard Alliance, a rights group that works closely with the NFL to promote and develop minorities in the areas of training and the front office. positions. Wooten played with the Browns from 1959 to 1967 and was named Browns legend in 2010.

"Do you know what really made me proud to be a Cleveland Brown? He's going to John, you have this thing going in the right direction. The elders are so happy for you guys. Just keep it going, "Dorsey said. "And you know what? Personally, it has a little touched me.I'm like to go in. What do you know? Who are the Cleveland Browns, if not those who have already played, who wear those jerseys? "and John Wooten was one of those, so it touched my soul a bit, I thought it was great."

Dorsey loves the talent of Jaelen Strong, the last of Cleveland's all-catches, and is an important part of the group.

Strong, a former Texans Houston pick in the third round, signed with the Browns last week. He was out of football in 2018 while he was recovering from a ripped ACL.

"Jaelen is tall, he has very good itineraries, he has very good hands. I think it will fit into this offense, "Dorsey said. "Once again, he's a young man, he's been out of football for a few months, I'm ready to take a shot because I think there's talent to find out."

When asked if the Browns needed to add a larger target to the unit, Dorsey said he appreciated the overall size of the group and the diversity of skills it entailed.

"The receiving class in this draft class, there are a lot of big players. There are one or two smaller guys who are really exceptionally fast. The size and speed make different dynamics of the offensive game plan, "said Dorsey," I think it depends on the person and what makes her slam. "I would like to have a 6-3 guy who can run 4.3. take it every day but you're not going to have these guys, you really want competitive guys who love football. "

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