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John Hanke and Niantic sue Global ++ of the Association of Hackers

The very popular smartphone game, Pokemon GO, has managed to stay ahead of the cheats since Niantic, its developer, launched the game in 2016.

Cheats / Spoofers have many ways to break the rules of the game and many sophisticated tools to circumvent them. They do things like finding where rare Pokemon hide, circling around to hatch eggs and trick the game into believing the player is on the other side of the world while in reality there is / she does not have it.

At that time, Niantic filed a lawsuit against Global ++. This organization is an "association of hackers" that creates "unauthorized derivative versions" of applications including the game mentioned above, and Ingress, both developed by Niantic. These games are called PokeGo ++ and Ingress ++. They confer a benefit to its users while simultaneously violating Niantic's intellectual property rights.

The accused call Ryan "Elliot Robot" Hunt, described by Niantic as the leader and developer of this organization. Alen "iOS noob" Hundur is the one who develops apps and promotes them on their YouTube channel. In the lawsuit, Niantic named 20 other "Doe defendants" members of Global ++.

Niantic is seeking a preliminary injunction in the lawsuit, which forces Global ++ and its members to stop distributing applications and stop working on reverse engineering codes.

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