John Kavanagh on Conor McGregor: "I hope we can come back to doing positive things"

John Kavanagh made his third appearance in the most established talk show in Ireland, The late show, Friday night, and discussed the future of Conor McGregor, his own future with the Irish-Irish, and the impact of "The Notorious" on the perception of MMA in Ireland.

Kavanagh asserted that a meeting with McGregor on Friday night was the first time that he had seen him in person for months and that he was hoping to meet the former two-weight champion next week for plan your next move.

"He just came back from the United States. Kavanagh told Ryan Tubridy last Friday that he was in Miami. The late show.

"I had a little amateur show Friday night and it came up. I did not even know he was going to be there, he arrived and it was the first time I'd seen him in a while. Some texts have been exchanged and I hope to sit next week to see what the plan is. "

"[It had been] month [since I saw him]"He said. "He was in Miami taking a break, but also to train. Physically, I had not seen him for a long time.

Regarding McGregor's short-term retirement, Kavanagh explained how he wondered if his most famous student would still be motivated after reaching the top of the sport.

"You know as much as I do," he answered a question about McGregor's short-term retirement. "It's funny, when he won the second world title, as a coach, it's almost a nightmare because he realized everything he had decided to do; he won the world titles, he broke all the significant records of the UFC, he earned enough money to retire several times, "said Kavanagh.

"Training MMA for fitness or recreation is fun, but training for a professional fight is very difficult, it's very hard for the body. You lose all your desire to do these things because it's about either winning titles or making money, that's what he did.

The head coach of the SBG went on to say that he had noticed a "resurgence" of McGregor's passion for competition.

"I think his passion and his love have made a comeback and I think that if the right contest comes up, it's something very interesting for him, a good challenge, something that will move the crowds … I would be very surprised if he does not fight anymore … as soon as … it could even be summer, "Kavanagh said.

As for the speculation as to whether McGregor and he had separated, Kavanagh seemed optimistic about the evolution of their relationship.

"Alright, I hope so," Kavanagh told the question of whether he would be in McGregor's corner when he returned to the fight.

Kavanagh also stressed how concerned he was about the negative impact of McGregor's recent arrests on MMA's perception in Ireland and hoped the former champion would be "doing positive things".

"I do [care]"I do it absolutely," he said. "[I care about] the perception of sport; this was done before Conor and it will be for him once that he will be done with it. I think that I and all the Irish involved in the MMA, we are extremely grateful for what Conor has done. He avoids enormously what we did … but he made mistakes that I absolutely do not forgive. I know he's sorry, he paid them, he tries to learn from them and he tries to move on.

"I hope we will start doing positive things again. setting goals, work ethic, aim for something that seems impossible. These are the qualities that I love at Conor, which I love to talk about when I'm in the kids' class … I'm aware of the fact that I have to set them a good example and I know that Conor does it. even. That's what I want to return to … the many positive qualities he has.

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