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John Oliver talks about the dismissal of Donald Trump – Deadline

Sure Last week tonight with John Oliver, the host started the show by talking about upcoming Democrat debates and mocking Steve Bullock for posting a YouTube video as a reprisal – a video that was virtually unseen. He also took part in the scandal of California Congressman Duncan Hunter who allegedly used $ 250,000 in campaign funds for his personal expenses and blamed his wife. But most of Sunday's night was focused on dismissal. In particular, the dismissal of Donald Trump.

Oliver said people were "dying" to see Trump deposed and that this was becoming a major topic of debate among Democrats in the House, with 63 MPs in favor of impeachment. He then spoke – and took a little joy – in the popular video of the representative Rashida Tlaib, who said: "We will go and attack the mother *****!"

However, Oliver points out that not all members of the Democratic Party are enthusiastic about the impeachment. In particular, he said: "The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has repeatedly tried to apply the brakes to an indictment investigation, claiming that the country was not in delay and that she hardly understood what it meant. not a way to reach a goal. "

Oliver said, "That's right."

He begins to decompress the impeachment process and its meaning. This does not guarantee the dismissal of his post and he goes on to give a history of dismissal. Clinton and Johnson are the only two presidents to have been indicted, while Nixon has resigned on his own before the House can complete the impeachment process.

The impeachment process begins in the House of Representatives and if a majority of votes declare that there are impenetrable offenses, it is returned to the Senate, where a trial is held. The President is removed from office only by a two-thirds majority.

The grounds for indictment are treason, corruption, and serious crimes – and it is safe to say that obstruction of justice could be included in the latter because it is half of the Mueller report.

Oliver reminds us that Trump ordered Don McGahn, a former White House lawyer, to fire Mueller and then announce that he did not do so. "The president obstructed the justice system and then tried justice to try to obstruct the investigation of his obstruction of justice – that's ridiculous!" Explained Oliver.

"If a president can close an investigation about himself and a president can stop an investigation, he can do almost anything without consequences – it's a big deal."

After delving deeper into Trump's details and impeachment process, he explained that "every hole ** succeeds until they do not do it." He goes on to refer to Nixon and Harvey Weinstein to prove his argument, then jokingly jokes. Peril! The winner James Holzhauer for "not respecting the spirit of the game"

"I can not guarantee that the impeachment will proceed as you wish because it will probably not be the case," he said, "but that does not mean that it is not worth the trouble. To be done because if nothing else prevented us by the fundamental fundamental principle that no one is above the law. "

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