John Reilly of “ General Hospital ” dead at 84 – Passions, Sunset Beach


Veteran actor John Reilly, whose daytime TV credits alone included General hospital, passions and The sun setting on the beach, died Saturday evening, learned TVLine. He was 84 years old.

One of Reilly’s daughters, actress and TikTok personality Caitlin Reilly, shared the news via Instagram saying, “John Henry Matthew Reilly AKA Jack. The brightest light in the world has gone out. A cause of death has not yet been shared.

“Imagine the best person in the world. Now imagine that person is your father, ”Caitlin wrote. “I’m so grateful he’s mine. I’m so thankful that I was able to love him. I’m so grateful that I managed to hold him and say goodbye to him. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I know he will be with me. I love you forever daddy.

The Chicago-born actor’s early career began with bows on As the world turns (like Dr Dan Stewart), How the West was won, Quincy ME and Dallas (as Roy Ralston).

In February 1984, he made his GH debut as Sean Donely, the former boss of Robert Scorpio’s WSB (World Security Bureau), who turned out to be a bit of a tinsel during Frisco and Felicia’s Aztec treasure hunt (watch his debut below ). After a redemption arc, superspy Sean was romantically associated with actress Tiffany Hill (played by Sharon Wyatt).

“He was a big brother to me. The nicest man you could ever find, GH veterinarian Finola Hughes, who plays Anna and Alex Devane, tells TVLine. “I cannot express how sorry I am to learn of his passing.”

After Reilly’s 11th birthday GH run, he voiced Hawkeye / Clint Barton on the animation Iron Man series, played Kelly Taylor’s pop on Beverly Hills, 90210, then had cycles of several years on the two The sun setting on the beach (like Del Douglas) and Passions (replacing the late David Bailey as Alistair Crane).

Reilly’s actor credits also include short-lived spinoffs General hospital: night shift (where he took over the role of Sean) and the Web Soap The Bay. And yes he is the reason Nights of Talladega“John C. Reilly professionally uses an intermediate initial.

Reilly is survived by his wife Liz and a total of three daughters.

Look at John Reilly’s debut as GHby Sean Donely

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