John Romero's "Doom" level pack is pushed back to April


Late last year, Condemn Co-creator John Romero has announced his intention to release a new level pack for the game more than 25 years after its debut. Sigil is a "spiritual successor" of the fourth episode of the game containing nine multiplayer levels and nine solo levels. Although it is distributed free to everyone with a licensed copy of the original, Romero sells two limited edition box versions. He now confirms that a delay in production has dragged the release date to April.

Downloads will only be available after pre-orderers can get their Beast Box packages with artwork, custom USB sticks, t-shirt and other treats, so that all world must wait. Hope that after 25 years, a few more weeks will not be too much, although Doom & # 39; s Accessibility for modding and the tools available, players can always use the time they have to read already published .WAD or work on several levels, as in 1993.

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