Johnny Bobbitt, a Philadelphia homeless person involved in a GoFundMe scam, sentenced to probation

A Philadelphia homeless man who conspired with a New Jersey couple to create a GoFundMe program that raised more than $ 400,000 was sentenced Friday to five years probation and agreed to participate in a treatment program. drug addiction.

Johnny Bobbitt Jr., 36, pleaded guilty in March to conspiracy to commit theft, accusing him of helping Kate McClure and boyfriend Mark D Amico in their GoFundMe scam in November 2017 , reported NBC News.

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Prosecutors said that Bobbitt, a homeless veteran at the time, had posed with McClure, who had told a false story to GoFundMe, in which she claimed that she was raising money for Bobbitt after that. He generously gave him his last 20 dollars when his car ran out of fuel. l & # 39; highway.

As part of a plea agreement, Bobbitt will be sent to an inpatient rehabilitation center prior to his release and will agree to testify against McClure and D'Amico in the future. A New Jersey judge said Bobbitt would serve five years in prison if he violates probation.

About 14,000 people donated nearly $ 403,000 to the GoFundMe page. Bobbitt, who was then homeless, revealed the couple's fraud when he filed a lawsuit against McClure and D'Amico in August, claiming they had withheld funds and never interrupted.

McClure and D'Amico accused the homeless man of spending GoFundMe money on family, drugs, a truck and a trailer. Federal authorities investigated the case and prosecutors said the couple was in financial trouble at the time and was using the GoFundMe account as a scam.


McClure pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit electronic fraud and served 20 years in prison. D'Amico also faces charges of state-level theft and conspiracy.

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