Johnny Manziel could he go to the AAF? The president says the league has invited him to train

Johnny Manziel is looking for a new job after being released by the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League. In a statement, the Alouettes claim to have broken their ties with the quarterback, with the support of the CFL, after "finding that Manziel had breached the agreement that allowed him to play in the league." In addition, the CFL ensures that No one in the league can sign Manziel moving forward.

While Manziel is virtually banned from playing in Canada, the natural question is whether he would try his luck with the AAF or the XFL, which returns in 2020. Given the problems encountered in the Manziel's addiction and short-term career After a career with the Cleveland Browns, a comeback in the NFL is so long that only Lloyd Christmas likes the odds. But Manziel "explores new options".

With regard to the FAA, there are some points to consider. First of all are the technical details. A spokesman for the Alliance told CBS Sports that if Manziel was taken over by the AAF according to the distribution formula established by co-founder Bill Polian, he would be sent to the commanders of San Antonio. Manziel played college football at Texas A & M, where he won the Heisman Trophy in 2012. Several players on the list of commanders came from A & M.

however, Why Manziel was not only released by the Alouettes, but also excluded from the CFL, which is an important detail as to whether the AAF would be willing to choose such a polarizing player. The CFL did not explicitly explain the reason for the reduction of Manziel and the FAA is more interested. In the meantime, the new President of the Alliance, Tom Dundon, has declared United States today that the league offered to Manziel to come to work.

Manziel at AAF makes sense, since AAF would once have set its sights on the big quarterbacks who are currently out of the NFL: Colin Kaepernick and Tim Tebow. Kaepernick wanted $ 20 million or more, according to the Associated Press, which would obviously not match the typical contracts of a three-year, unsecured term that AAF players receive. Kaepernick recently reached a settlement in his collusion case against the NFL, so he's probably richer by at least $ 20 million. Tebow, meanwhile, was more interested in pursuing his baseball career than participating in the Orlando Apollos (which are a lot happy with Garrett Gilbert).

Whatever the case may be, Kaepernick and Tebow would have been beneficial for the visibility of the AAF. It could be argued that Manziel, on his own, would also be good for the audience, especially because 1) the back quarters are not entertaining enough for each team and 2) the Manziel mobility helps when the offensive lines do not meet.

"At the moment, it's the decision of the GMs, and they can decide what they want to do," Dundon said. United States today. "If the talent is close, the downside of him is that he has a lot of trouble with him and that you are trying to win games and build a team, and the good thing is that he catches the fans' attention."

Manziel would be a project, of course, but it's common for FAA players. He would not be obliged to join the NFL either. it is certainly a theme that interests many AAF players, but it is not an exclusive theme. And since FAA contracts are not guaranteed, the risk to commanders is minimal if they acquire Manziel. However, there is also the question of whether Manziel would be a cultural adjustment for the AAF. The Alliance parades a league without problems or attitude. The story of Manziel suggests a lot of problems that do not fit these ideals.

Whether Manziel joins the AAF, the XFL or neither is based on many factors in a fluid situation. He might find that there is better exposure and / or money in the XFL. When he is determined to return to the NFL, AAF has much stronger ties. But, at the latest news, there is no certainty that the AAF would even take Manziel.

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