Jon Gruden gets in touch with Khalil Mack's business advocate at Scouting Combine


RRaiders head coach Jon Gruden has been widely criticized for his decision to negotiate the passwords of another world, Khalil Mack, and that is understandable.

Mack is a generation player and is already one of the best defensive players of this era. He disrupts every time he queues to pass the passer in a hurry and has demonstrated his ability to beat twice, sometimes even three teams (if we take into account that he is trapped as a blocker).

Gruden, however, is moving on now, which he very clearly explained in October, subject to criticism of the media. He will now have the chance to use one of the first-round picks he has acquired to potentially replace Mack's replacement, which will have to be done, given that the Raiders only recorded 13 sacks from last season, while giving up 52 huge ones.

As such, it was not surprising that Gruden was asked about the exchange on Thursday at Scouting Combine. And, of course, he was not satisfied with the question.

To compare the situation of Kirk Cousins ​​with that of Mack is to compare apples with oranges and constitutes a faulty logic. It is possible that he insinuated that there was no chance that the team could re-sign Mack, but whatever the reason, it did not seem that the Raiders made much effort to eventually reach a long-term agreement.

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