Jon Jones responds to Cain Velasquez: My heavyweight days are inevitable

Jon Jones admires Cain Velasquez's chutzpah, but does not think he gives this double UFC champion a chance to beat him for the moment.

TMZ Sports recently asked Velasquez, who is returning to the Octagon this Sunday at UFC on ESPN 1, how he thought he would face Jones if Jones was able to move into the heavyweight category. was "good enough" to be the man to give Jones his first real defeat.

These comments reached Jones and he created a post on Instagram to respond to Velasquez's assessment of the match against fantasy.

"Your confidence will have to be locked to beat me, man," Jones wrote. "I can not talk about" I think I can do it. "I feed on picograms of doubt, and I can feel it miles away."

Jones' next fight will be to defend his light heavyweight title against Anthony Smith in UFC 235 on March 2nd. The 31-year-old repeatedly mentioned the possibility of increasing his weight and teased him again on Friday.

"For the moment, let's focus only on the fights that lie ahead," Jones wrote. "My heavy days are inevitable."

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