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Jon Stewart takes it to McConnell for saying that he was "uncomfortably" facing the 9/11 Victims Fund.

Jon Stewart on Monday launched on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellGOP worries that the border wall conflict could lead to a year-end closing GOP fears that the fight against the border wall will cause the end of year closure Jon Stewart criticizes the victims' aid fund of 11 September 2001 (R-Ky.) After McConnell said that he did not know why the comedian was "completely misrepresented" about the September 9th Victims Compensation Fund Act that was not working at the time. Senate.

Stewart blamed McConnell for taking an approach to the bill "we will get there when we get there" and accused him of using the 9/11 first responder community as a "political pawn".

The comedian commented on CBS's "The Late Show" with Stephen ColbertStephen Tyrone Colbert David Spade says he will not joke about Trump during the new show David Spade says he will not joke about Trump during a new show Humorous Democrats Should Launch "Fire Mitch McConnell" Campaign MORE. After Colbert showed a McConnell clip on Fox News earlier on Monday, Stewart surprised the audience by appearing under the desk.

His appearance prompted Colbert to ask if Stewart was "distorted?"

"No, not Mitch McConnell, I'm not deformed, I'm in great shape," shouted Stewart. "Well, I'm not in shape, but not because of you … I'm fine, I'm in bad shape for them, they're the first heroes and veterans and victims of the huge billion dollars of war against terrorism, and they are still suffering and dying and we still have a terrible need. "

"One would think that would be enough to attract Congressional attention, but apparently it is not."

After Stewart's comments, CBS moved on to another excerpt from McConnell's interview with Fox News. When Steve Doocy, the moderator, asked why few members were present at the hearing on the bill to which Stewart appeared, Mr. McConnell responded that legislators were probably busy with other issues.

"This often happens because members have a lot to do at the same time," said McConnell.

Stewart jokingly replied that he had not realized that lawmakers were "busy".

"I feel like a jerk," said the former host of "The Daily Show". "Now I feel stupid, it's a huge misunderstanding, I did not know they were busy, I did not want to interrupt them with their work."

"Honestly, Mitch McConnell, you really want to go, we'll get there when we come to an argument for the heroes of September 11," he continued, before later noting that the senator was not good in this argument. thing."

"Basically, we say that you love the September 11th community when it serves your political goals, but when they have an urgent need, you walk slowly, you say you use it, you use it as a political pawn to get other things you want, "he said.

Stewart concluded his argument by noting that "we have spent a whole year assembling co-sponsors and bipartisan advocates of this bill, hoping that when the text finally reaches Mitch McConnell's big office, you will not drive not like you've done in the past. "

"If you want to know why we are deformed, meet them tomorrow and do not force them to beg," he said. "You could do this thing tomorrow, if you're busy I got it."

Stewart drew a lot of attention last week after emotionally testifying at a hearing of the Victims Compensation Fund on September 11th. Stewart expressed frustration at the lack of movement the bill received in Congress.

"I want to point out that Senator McConnell has never treated this with compassion," he said Sunday in an interview with Fox News. "He always resisted until the last minute, and only then, as part of intense lobbying, public shame, did he even deign to act on it?

McConnell said Monday that Congress has "never failed to address this problem and we will do it again."

Current compensation for first responders on September 11, 2001 is likely to be exhausted this year without new legislation. Stewart is pushing for a measure that would increase first responder compensation to 2090.

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