Jonathan Van Ness is happy to blur the boundaries between the sexes


The star and advocate of "Queer Eye" is making headlines to tell Out Magazine in a new interview that it has recently begun to identify as non-binary and gender non-compliant.

This, of course, is not new information.

In April, the hair guru spoke to The Lily about her evolving gender identity: "The older I get, the more I feel non-binary or gender-blind."

Van Ness has also been proud to blur the genre lines with his clothes and style since before he and the rest of the Fab Five became stars of the escape thanks to their Netflix show.

Van Ness, who confirmed to Out that he still preferred male pronouns, said he had only recently become aware of a term reflecting his attachment to women's fashion.

"I did not think I was allowed to be unethical, nor to be sexist, nor non-binary – I was always like a" gay man "because that's just the label I thought must be, "he said.

He added: "Some days, I feel like a man, but on other days, I feel like a woman.I do not really think – I think my energies are really everywhere … Any opportunity that I have to break down stereotypes of the binary, I'm down for her, I'm here for her ".

Van Ness is currently promoting a new partnership with the nail polish company Essie, of which he is the first non-women spokesperson.


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