Jordan Peele hosts "We" selections for #UsFirst – Variety


While Jordan Peele's latest horror film "Us" debuted at South by Southwest, the director and producer staged three other screenings across the country, aimed primarily at a black audience.

The screening in Los Angeles would have hosted several celebrities, including John Legend, Janelle Monae, Ryan Coogler, Ellis Ross Tracee, Lakeith Stanfield, Robin Theade and La La Milan.

Screenings were also held in New York and Atlanta. According to Bossip, it was announced before the start of the screening in Atlanta that black media, influencers, movie buffs and celebrities would be the first to see "We", which features Lupita Nyong & Winston Duke family of four who are haunted by their respective versions.

"We" is a co-production between Peele's Monkeypaw Productions and Blumhouse Productions. It is distributed by Universal. Evan Alex, Joseph Shahadi Wright, Elisabeth Moss and Tim Heidecker are also on the bill.

The South By Premiere, which opened the festival, was screened at an ecstatic reception in Austin, Texas.

During the Q & A session following the screening, Peele revealed – not to mention the president's name – that "we" had been inspired by Trump's America.

"This film is about this country," said Peele. "And when I decided to write this film, I was struck by the fact that we are at a time when we fear the otherwhether it be the mysterious invader who we believe will kill us and take our jobs, or the faction with which we do not live nearby who voted differently from us. We want to point the finger first and I wanted to suggest that the monster we really need to look at our face. Maybe the evil is us.

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