Jordyn Woods denies cheating on "Red Table Talk", Khloe tears her for lying


Jordyn Woods

She says she's not a "tamper" in "Red Table Talk"

… Khloe calls BS !!!

01/03/2019 09h37 PST

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9:30 am (Pacific time) – Khloe does not buy Jordyn's story for a second. She just tweeted, "Why do you lie @jordynwoods? If you want to try to save yourself by becoming public … at least be honest with your story." She also totally blames Jordyn for breaking with Tristan.

Jordyn Woods says his side of the Tristan Thompson fraud scandal Jada Pinkett Smith … everyone has a bad idea of ​​what happened.

As you know, Kylie JennerThe old BFF hit the mark by registering 'Red Table Talk'. earlier this week and the episode has just fallen on Facebook.

Jordyn admits that she should not have gone to the party at Tristan's house where the so-called fraud was committed – but denied discussing with him. Her version of the story is that she sat next to him and put her legs on him as she sat on a chair. She describes it as an innocent pleasure.

As for the "kiss" … she says the only lip-to-lip contact came as she was leaving her house early the next morning. She says that Tristan kissed her on the lips, but said that there was no passion.

TMZ broke the story … Jordyn was accused of being made out with Tristan Thompson during the weekend of Valentine's Day, and the saga is in full swing since. She was ousted from Kardashian family business, and recently moved from the Kylie Guest House.

On top of all that, Jordyn is facing the potential legal repercussions of Kardashians if she violated a NDA with what she said to Jada. So we know that the Kardashians and their lawyers are watching it closely.

We know why Jordyn ran to Jada and co. to tell her story … she is close with the Smiths, and thought that they might be able to shake it slightly.

As for Khloe and Tristan … they were both relatively calm about last cheat scandal. We do not know how they will react after seeing Jordyn talk about his piece

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