Jordyn Woods is currently breaking the internet with her own take on the “Buss It” challenge. The challenge, which accompanies Erica Banks’ viral single on TikTok and Instagram, involves a poorly dressed girl dropping him and hauling him over to a chopped Nelly sample.

We’ve already seen one celebrity go viral with her “Buss It” challenge, namely Chloe Bailey, and now Jordyn Woods is giving a similar boost to the internet. The Kardashians’ former friend teased the challenge on her Instagram Stories yesterday, asking if it was too late to participate in the challenge, but assuring fans that she would do it anyway – while putting on makeup for that exact video.

The video received a lot of responses across all platforms, especially on Twitter, where it went viral and started a Jordyn Woods trend.

Check out Jordyn Woods’ “Buss It” challenge below.

After Jordyn posted the video to her Twitter account, her boyfriend Karl-Anthony Towns couldn’t help but give her own reaction by writing “God is good” next to a favorite GIF. His reaction was echoed in a similar fashion by fans of the Twitterverse.

In other couple news the other week, Jordyn Woods revealed Towns had tested positive for COVID-19 and asked for his fans’ prayers – while neither of them informed the public of the current state of the virus, let’s hope it recovers smoothly.