"Bad publicity does not exist" is an outdated saying, but in the case of Jordyn Woods, it is applicable. Earlier this year, she was involved in a family drama of the Kardashian family after being accused of being linked to Khloe's ex-boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. The Kardashian clan would have broken ties with her, but ultimately it seemed beneficial to her. She ensured the bag on the international markets and lived her best life. More recently, she made a surprise appearance at Coachella.

Jordyn Woods may not have the Kardashians, but the Smiths are still on his heels. As you know, she has had close relationships with Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's family for years, which is why she appeared in Jada's ### Talk Red Table after the scandal broke out. She made a surprise appearance during the filming of Jaden Smith at Coachella, appearing briefly on stage.

Jaden took a page from Drake's book and brought a floating Tesla to the stage on which he was standing after going down on stage. Jordyn jumped on stage, did a little dance and came out of there.

After filming, Jordyn Woods was seen with a mysterious man on the festival grounds.

Jaden Smith also paid tribute to Nipsey Hussle during his set. Afterwards, he released his sister Willow who also played with him and helped him on "Icon".