Josh Hawley’s Florida fundraiser canceled by Loews Hotels after liberal lawyer posted flyer online

A February fundraiser in Florida for US Senator Josh Hawley was called off Saturday as hotel chain Loews Hotels decided to pull out of the event.

Loews’ cancellation was among the latest examples of fallout Republicans faced following the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol in Washington.

It came after liberal Florida lawyer Daniel Uhlfelder got a flyer for the Hawley event and posted it online, referring to Hawley as a “traitor” and asking the hotel chain why she was supporting the Republican of Missouri.

Uhlfelder praised the Loews move, saying the company “did the right thing” by quashing Hawley, who was among GOP lawmakers leading the effort to oppose Democrat Joe Biden’s electoral college victory over the president Trump.


“It’s good corporate responsibility,” Uhlfelder said, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Loews owns the Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando, where Hawley was scheduled to be the featured guest at a family event Feb. 12-15 hosted by Fighting for Missouri, a group that raised over $ 272,000 for the Senator for the Year. last, the Sentinel reported.

After Uhlfelder posted the leaflet online, Democratic lawmakers and anti-Trump groups lobbied the hotel chain, Sentinel reported.

Critics included U.S. Representative Anna Eskamani, of D-Fla., And The Lincoln Project, a group of anti-Trump Republicans, according to the newspaper.

Uhlfelder gained media attention in May when he dressed up as a Grim Reaper and visited Florida beaches to shame visitors and criticize Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for failing to shut down shops. recreation areas amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The lawyer was later criticized himself when he was seen at the crowded George Floyd protests in June.

Earlier this month, Hawley lost a deal with publisher Simon & Schuster, which canceled the senator’s book, “The Tyranny of Big Tech,” in the wake of the January 6 riot.

Hawley lambasted the decision, accusing the publisher of bowing to the “waking crowd.”

In an op-ed Wednesday, Hawley also rebuffed the idea that he had helped incite violence on January 6.

“Much of the media and many in the Washington establishment want to deceive Americans into believing that those who have raised concerns are inciting violence, simply by expressing concern,” Hawley wrote in the Missourian. South East. “But democratic debate is not popular violence. It is actually how we avoid this violence.”


Meanwhile, former staff members of Claire McCaskill – the Democrat Hawley defeated for her Senate seat in 2018 – have formed a super PAC to oust Hawley in 2024, Politico reported. The anti-Hawley group is called JOSH, for Just Oust Seditious Hacks, according to the report.

If Camp Hawley was intimidated by the move, they wouldn’t let it go.

“We expect Claire McCaskill and her team to be as effective with this campaign as they were with the previous one,” Hawley spokeswoman Kelli Ford told Politico. “They squandered over $ 60 million in 2018 – and lost – after the Missourians rejected McCaskill’s failed Liberal policies.”

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