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Josh Norman jumps a bull in Pamplona

I guarantee you this is the best asset on football that you will see all day. In July, thousands of brave / stupid people travel to Pamplona, ​​Spain to put their bodies in danger. Washington's half-turn, Josh Norman, was there to face a much more frightening enemy than the Los Angeles Rams or Jacksonville Jaguars. bulls.

Norman wants to run with the bulls for several years. In an interview in 2016, he said that he hoped to be able to do it in the offseason. And he certainly went into the spirit of tradition. EFE has a video of Norman in an awesome shirt with a picture of a previous encierro printed on it, stirring before running in the streets.

Anyone who fears that Norman will endanger his own health and well-being does not need to worry. At ESPN, an impressive video shows Norman clearly crossing a bull on two different occasions, while most people around him are simply trying to avoid trouble. (See GIF above.) I imagine that being a world-class athlete is very helpful in avoiding potentially lethal animals.

Correction (12:26): The article originally stated that in 2016, Norman stated that the passage of bulls was an off-season activity permitted by his contract. In the original TV interview, it is unclear whether the Panthers are calm or not.

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