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(Des Moines) – The second day of the 2019 State Wrestling Tournament is underway at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines.

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Semifinals Class 2A and Consolation Third Round Class 2A

113 Consis: Jonathon Erp (Red Oak) will fight for seventh place; Brayden Graff (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) advance

132 semi-finals: Jack Gaukel (Sgt Bluff) qualifies for the final

138 semifinals: Chase McLaren (Atlantic / CAM) qualifies for final

138 Count: Isaac Bryan (Sergeant Bluff) will fight for seventh place

152 semifinals: Easton Graff (Sgt Bluff) falls on the record.

152 Consis: Connor Pellett (Atlantic / CAM) will fight for seventh place

160 semi-finals: Justin McCunn (Red Oak) qualifies for the final

170 consis: Jackson Kinsella will fight for seventh place

195 Statement: Thomas Bentley (Red Oak) advance

285 Sowing: Derec Weyer (Harlan) qualifies for the final

Semifinals Class 1A and Consolation Third Round Class 1A

106 semi-finals: Stevie Barnes (Underwood) qualifies for the final

113 semi-finals: Hagen Heistand (Logan-Magnolia) falls to the ground

126 semi-finals: Briar Reisz (Logan-Magnolia) qualifies for the final; Cole Cassady (Martensdale-St. Mary's) drops for consis.

132 Notices: Josh Tibbits (Martensdale-St. Mary's) advance

132 semifinals: Logan James (Underwood) qualifies for the final

138 semifinals: Nick Hamilton (Underwood) qualifies for finals

145 Count: Blake Thomsen (Underwood) advance; Duc Kyle advance

152 Consis: Connor Lange (Missouri Valley) will fight for seventh place; Tanner Owens (Underwood) will fight for seventh place

160 semi-finals: Michael Baker (Underwood) drops

Consis 160: Drew Venteicher (Bedford / Lenox) advance; Bryson Freeberg will fight for seventh place.

170 Notices: Nick Haynes (Missouri Valley) advance

182 Sowing: Gabe Pauley (AHSTW) qualifies for the final

182 points: Colby Page (Southeast Warren) will fight for seventh place

220 Consis: Chance Strough (Bedford / Lenox) advance; Dylan Obermeier (Audubon) will fight for 7th place.

285 reviews: Barrett Pitt (Logan-Magnolia) will fight for seventh place

Consolation 2nd round class 2A

113: Jonathon Erp medal (Red Oak); Brayden Curry (Sgt Bluff) to be medalist

138: Isaac Bryan (Sergeant Bluff) will be rewarded; Brennan Todd (Harlan) eliminated

145: Oscar Olmos (Harlan) eliminated

152: Connor Pellett (Atlantic / CAM) will be medalist

160: Luke Martin (Bishop Heelan) eliminated

170: Jackson Kinsella (Creston / OM) will be medalist; Frank Vondrak (Bishop Heelan) eliminated

182: Beautiful Barncastle (Creston / OM) eliminated

195: Thomas Bentley (red oak) advance

220: Joseph Arkfeld (Harlan) eliminated; Cale Roller (Atlantic / CAM) eliminated

Class 3A Semi-finals and 3rd round Consolation

120 Consis: Nick Walters (Sioux City North) will fight for 7th place

182 semifinals: Brett Mower (Glenwood) falls to the ground

195 Notices: Noah Carter (Glenwood) advance

220 Sowing: Cameron Baker (CBTJ) qualifies for finals

Class 2A Quarterfinals

113: Brayden Graff (Sgt Bluff) falls to the record

132: Jack Gaukel (Sgt Bluff) advances to semifinal

138: Chase McLaren (Atlantic / CAM) advances to semifinal; Brennan Todd (Mgr. Heelan) drops

145: Oscar Olmos (Harlan) falls to the ground

152: Connor Pellett (Atlantic / CAM) falls to the ground

160: Justin McCunn (Red Oak) advance in semifinal

170: Jackson Kinsella (Creston / OM) drops out

195: Thomas Bentley (Red Oak) falls into disuse

285: Derec Weyer (Harlan) advances to the semi-finals; Kobe Clayborne (Mgr. Heelan) advances to semifinal

Consolation of second round of class 1A

106: Elliot Cooney (Nodaway Valley) eliminated; Jace Rose (Riverside) eliminated

113: Mick Schroder (Riverside) eliminated; Bryce Shaha (Mount Ayr) eliminated

120: Cael Cassady (Martensdale) eliminated; Connor Attkisson (Tri-Center) eliminated; Westin Allen (Underwood) eliminated

126: Zane Ziegler (Underwood) eliminated

132: Gabe Smith (Riverside) eliminated; Josh Tibbits (Martensdale-St. Mary's) will be medalist

138: Teagan Lundquist (Southwest Valley) eliminated; Sherman Hayes eliminated

145: Blake Thomsen (Underwood) medal; Duke Kyle (Missouri Valley) will be medalist; Kaleb Bauer eliminated

152: Tanner Owens (Underwood) Medal; Connor Lange (Missouri Valley) will medal

160: Bryson Freeberg (Tri-Center) will be medalist; Drew Venteicher (Bedford / Lenox) will be medalist; Hunter Cobb (Wayne) eliminated

170: Nick Haynes (Missouri Valley) will be medalist

182: Colby Page (Southeast Warren) medal; Brennan Mauer (Treynor) eliminated

195: Luke Mosinski (Audubon) eliminated

220: Dylan Obermeier (Audubon) will be medalist; Chance Strough (Bedford / Lenox) will be medalist

285: Barrett Pitt Medal (Logan-Magnolia); Josh Cox (Mount Ayr) eliminated

Consolation Second Round Class 3A

106: Tanner Wink (Lewis Central) eliminated

120: Nick Walters (Sioux City North) will be medalist

132: Brian Paul (Lewis Central) eliminated

195: Noah Carter (Glenwood) will be medalist; Jacob Byers (CBTJ) eliminated

Class 1A Quarterfinals

106: Stevie Barnes (Underwood) advances to semi-final

113: Hagen Heistand (Logan-Mangolia) advances to the semifinals; Bryce Shaha (Mount Ayr) goes to consis.

120: Cael Cassady (Martensdale-St. Mary's) drops consis.

126: Briar Reisz (Logan-Magnolia) advances to the semifinals; Cole Cassady (Martensdale-St. Mary's) advances to semi-final

132: Josh Tibbits (Martensdale-St. Mary's) drops for consis.

138: Nick Hamilton (Underwood) advances to the semi-finals; Sherman Hayes (East Union) falls to Consis

145: Blake Thomsen (Underwood) falls to consis; Duke Kyle (Missouri Valley) falls to the ground

160: Michael Baker (Underwood) advances to the semi-finals; Drew Venteicher (Bedford / Lenox) drops out; Bryson Freeberg (Tri-Center) drops out

170: Nick Haynes (Missouri Valley) drops consis.

182: Gabe Pauley (AHSTW) advances to the semi-finals; Colby Page (Warren of the Southeast) drops to consis.

220: Chance Strough (Bedford / Lenox) falls to consis; Dylan Obermeier (Audubon) falls to the ground.

285: Barrett Pitt (Logan-Magnolia) falls on the record; Arron Olson (Missouri Valley) drops.

Class 3A Quarterfinals

120: Nick Walters (Sioux City North) drops out

182: Brett Mower (Glenwood) advances to semifinal

195: Noah Carter (Glenwood) falls on the record

220: Cameron Baker (CBTJ) advances to semifinal

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