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Journey on the wild planet is what no heaven wanted to be

Journey on the wild planet is a game that, in some ways, is surprisingly similar to No Man's Sky. They both share the same excuse: the player is thrown on an unknown planet with only his mind and several pieces of high-tech exploration to determine whether or not this world is fit for human consumption. There is the digitization of life forms, harvesting, building more tools, and survival, too, all the elements that were part of what made No Man's Sky so tempting before its launch in 2016. The no lift for Journey on the wild planet begins as a rehash of the same ground.

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Fortunately, these are the details that distinguish the first incursion of the developer Typhoon Studios in the world of video games of its competitors. While No Man's Sky is wide, wide strokes of space exploration, Journey on the wild planet is narrower: there is only one world to explore, and it will not take as much time for players to reveal many of the secrets of the title. No element of space exploration is a selling point, the titular wild planet serves as a sufficient environment for potential settlers to be occupied. More important again, Journey on the wild planet has something that other exploration games tend to miss in an omnipresent and impossible to ignore charm.

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During our practical participation in the title at E3 2019, we have always been impressed by how the universe of Journey on the wild planet establishes itself as much more interesting than a typical game of survival and exploration. The first-person exploration title is in the world of AR-Y 26, where an employee of Kindred Aerospace, the galaxy's fourth-best interstellar exploration company, is trying to decipher whether it is worth to be settled. There are only four interstellar exploration companies in the universe of Journey on the wild planet, by the way. It's these little touches of dry humor that immediately distinguish the game, whether it's a fantastic scenario or an awkward mechanic, like slapping smaller aliens into a stack of goo or throw them into bigger predators.

Journey on the wild planet Combat

We found more than just laughing about AR-Y 26, though. In his heart, the heart of Journey on the wild planet is a charming but detailed exploration game, the genre that unfolds slowly and satisfactorily. We started looking for fun, hitting little aliens en route, but deepening our analysis for nearly an hour in the game, we found something unexpected: the investment . Something in the world grabs you and does not let you go. There are so many things to scan, observe, and mysteries that leave players with enough detail to make them want to look harder.

The current gameplay is also much more complex than it seems at first glance. In combat, it may be crucial to avoid enemy attacks, some exposing only weak points after a successful operation. It's a bit like a slow and less detailed Monster Hunter this way, since enemies are often an easy way to harvest the necessary components of any necessary improvement. The collection of material is dynamic, with the most attractive in dangerous areas that require wit and reflexes. There is an upgrade system that allows players to prioritize which elements of the game they want to focus on. There is also an underlying story about terraforming and human greed at stake, although we do not know how deep it will last given the limited time available. .

Journey to the strange waterfall planet

According to reports, Journey on the wild planet seems to be a game that will take about 15 hours to complete. Since we have only seen an hour, there are still many things that could go wrong. Maybe the writing does not hold until the end, or maybe the dynamic and changing environment stagnates over time. These assumptions should not, however, lessen the feeling that Typhoon Studios is working with something special. The game ticked all the boxes that many wanted to address in the early days of No Man's Sky, and although they are not the same game, the sense of wonder that exists when you explore the more refined and restrained world of Journey on the wild planet is the one who does not come often. With so many big games coming up at the end of 2019 and 2020, there is a chance for this title to be lost in trouble. Do not leave it. Journey on the wild planet To all the ingredients of a sleep shot, nice people will kick themselves for not playing sooner once it becomes more popular.

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