Everyone reacted differently to the murder of Nipsey Hussle. Most of us are extremely saddened by sending prayers and condolences to her family, including Lauren London and her children. Others confronted the situation angrily, calling Eric Holder, the alleged assassin of Hussle, to suffer the same fate as the rapper. The Crips reportedly gave the "green light" to Holder's murder before he was captured by police this week. The filming would have been based on jealousy and envy, as one of Nipsey 's associates said. Holder would have introduced himself as a rapper before taking his gun and shooting him. Holder would once have approached Joyner Lucas in his direct messages about a feature film and called him before deleting the message.

Bennett Raglin / BET / Getty Images

Joyner reportedly republished an article on Eric Holder's rapper career, adding that Nipsey's alleged killer had followed him and sent him a message asking him to collaborate. In the message that was exposed, Holder asks the rapper, "How much for a feature film, I need it, please." Joyner has never finished answering the man, ignoring the message so far. The message has since been deleted with the rest of Joyner's photos because his page is completely blank.

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