Judge agrees to postpone the date of abandonment of Michael Cohen's prison

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By Tom Winter

A federal judge agreed Wednesday to postpone the 60-day start of his prison term at Michael Cohen while he was recovering from an operation at the shoulder.

Cohen, a former lawyer for President Donald Trump, was sentenced to three years in prison in December after pleading guilty to several crimes, including secret payments to women who claimed to have ties to Trump and who had lied to the Congress on relations. President's trade with Russia.

Judge William Pauley III agreed, at Cohen's solicitor's request, to postpone the date on which he was to stand in jail until May 6. Cohen had already been sentenced to begin his sentence on March 6.

"He has recently undergone a serious surgical procedure, he must undergo intensive postoperative treatment and be followed by his doctor for his recovery," said lawyer Michael Monico in a letter to the judge.

Monico added that federal prosecutors in New York had accepted the deadline, noting that this would give Cohen a "substantial" time to prepare his testimony before Congress.

Earlier this month, Cohen spokesman Lanny Davis said his client's testimony in camera before the Senate Intelligence Committee had been postponed due to "post-operative needs".

Cohen should meet with the House Intelligence Committee on February 28th.

Cohen's lawyers issued a statement after the judge acquiesced in their request.

"We thank the court for granting the date of Mr. Cohen's remission on May 6," the statement said. "As we mentioned earlier, Mr. Cohen has had a serious shoulder surgery, which allows him to continue his physical treatment and will be able to prepare the testimony expected during the week. next to congressional committees, that he salutes. "

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