Judge grants temporary restraining order against Lexington coffee shop

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – A judge has granted a temporary restraining order against a Lexington business for ignoring a state ban on indoor eating.

Last week, the Fayette County Health Department filed a complaint against the Brewed coffee bar. The company also lost its food and alcohol license.

Brewed owner Andrew Cooperrider has refused to close restaurants inside, in accordance with the governor’s mandate.

On Monday afternoon, a judge ruled in favor of the health department, allowing their petition for a temporary restraining order and injunction. Fayette Circuit Judge Thomas Travis delivered the ruling and said he supported many of Cooperrider’s arguments. But ultimately, the judge said the court was required to follow existing Kentucky law.

The health department had also asked the judge to allow law enforcement to execute the order, but it is not yet clear if that is part of the decision.

“We are satisfied with the judge’s ruling today and will continue to do our part to help protect the health of the community,” said a spokesperson for LFCHD.

The judge’s order will expire when the governor’s emergency order expires and will continue if he extends it. For now, the governor expects it to end on time.

“At this point, we anticipate that on December 14, restaurants and bars will be able to open in person indoors, as they can already do so in person outside, but can open meals indoors at a certain capacity, ”Governor Beshear said.

Brewed said in a Facebook post that he would stop serving Tuesday at 9 p.m. in order to hold a community meeting.

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