Judge overturns $ 38 million decision for Korryn Gaines' family, shot dead by Baltimore police


The family of a woman shot by Baltimore police initially received $ 38 million. Now this reward is zero. A Baltimore county judge on Thursday cited the principle of "civil liability" by overturning the sentence handed down to the family of 23-year-old Korryn Gaines, who was killed during a six-hour confrontation with the police in 2016, has New York Times reports. "The evidence is clear," says Judge Mickey Norman, according to CNN. "This Court concluded that the corporal [Royce] Ruby is entitled to qualified immunity and therefore, the fact that he shot Gaines was not unlawful. "Qualified immunity is a doctrine that holds public servants in office are protected from civil liability as long as they do not violate a person's constitutional rights." And opening fire, Norman ruled Ruby was only doing her job.

The clash began on August 1, 2016 in Randallstown when police executing arrest warrants against Gaines and her boyfriend said they found her with a shotgun and her 5-year-old son. years, Kodi. Ruby says that he shot when she raised her gun and continued to shoot when she discharged; his bullets wounded Kodi and killed Gaines. Her family disputes this story, claiming that she did not raise her gun and that the officers were protected behind a brick wall. Whatever the case may be, the prosecutors refused to lodge a complaint, but a civil trial awarded the family of Gaines. For the most part, Norman sided with the officer and cited a doctrine that raised concerns about police abuse, according to the Time. A lawyer representing Kodi – who was to receive nearly $ 33 million – announced his intention to appeal, according to the Baltimore Sun. (Read more police shooting stories.)

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