Judy Garland, tragic, "would make you cry"


Renée Zellweger did her emotional research on Judy Garland, playing the screen legend in "Judy".

The actress, who won an Oscar, tells that she lived two years with Garland, preparing for her role. It's a trip that often leaves Zellweger in tears in front of the troubled star of the "Wizard of Oz", who died of an accidental overdose in 1969 at age 47.

"I would listen to his music every day," Zellweger told Daily Mail columnist Baz Bamigboye. "I was looking at pictures of her before going to bed, she was always there, always present, I had to immerse myself in Judy's environment: her voice, her behavior, the moments of vulnerability. in his life that make him cry. "

"Judy" takes place during the tumultuous winter of 1968, a year before his death, when Garland arrives in London to sell himself for five weeks at the Talk of the Town.

Renee Zellweger shines like Judy Garland: Watch the first trailer of 'Judy & # 39;

His voice is weakened, but the show must continue as Garland struggles with the management and deals with a former husband (Sidney Luft, played by Rufus Sewell) and the future fifth husband, Mickey Deans (Finn Wittrock), both looking for what they can get financially from Garland.

"If you look back, you can see that it was a time of fatigue," said Zellweger. "The purpose was to tell the story of a woman struggling in her circumstances towards the end of her life."

The film also dates back to Garland's childhood as a young starlet.

"The cruel manipulation when she was a child, the nasty way they took over the child labor legislation, they gave her pills, she was addicted to all her professional life, I can not imagine she has slept, never, "said Zellweger.

The star of "Chicago" will sing again on screen in the movie Garland, which will open on September 27.

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