Julia Roberts featured in the new series of the creator of "Brothers & Sisters"


by Christopher Rudolph

3 hours ago

Julia Roberts returned to the small screen.

A-lister made the headlines last year when she starred in the critically acclaimed Amazon series, Back homeand she is now ready to return to the streaming giant with a new series based on the bestseller of 2018, Charlotte Walsh likes to win. Deadline reports that Roberts signed to produce and produce the series on a woman, Charlotte Walsh, a Silicon Valley leader who decided to return to her hometown of Pennsylvania to run for the Senate. Roberts running for the office? She has our vote.

Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

Not only are we excited that Roberts is coming back for another series, but the original of Amazon will be written by playwright Jon Robin Baitz, known for his Broadway plays as Other desert citiesand create the soap of the ABC family, Brothers Sisters. which lasted five seasons. Maybe Baitz can convince Sally Field to make an appearance as a guest?

It is not yet known when the series will premiere, but according to The Hollywood journalistproduction will probably begin "sooner rather than later".

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