Julianne Moore says men will also be referring to her new film "intensely feminine" "Gloria Bell"


Julianne Moore says that she thinks her new movie Gloria Bell, opening Friday across the country, should be accessible to men and women, although it is centered on the story of a woman.

Moore, who embodies the main character of the film, says that even though the story is "intensely feminine," both sexes can understand Gloria's relationship with divorced compatriot Arnold, portrayed by John Turturro.

"I think men are looking for intimacy, connection and the potential of this [relationship] also, "she told BuzzFeed News Profile, "so I really think it concerns us all, regardless of gender."

Moore said that one of the things that she likes in the movie is that you see the character in full, as a wife, mother, daughter and girlfriend.

She said you also saw Gloria in intimate scenes behind closed doors, where she was doing things that could embarrass her.

"So, having this experience as a member of the public, watching someone so intimate and holistic is really unusual and rather wonderful because it's almost like you're watching yourself," he said. she said.

The situations Gloria faces, while ordinary, are also incredibly relatable, Moore said.

"I think most people have experienced almost everything in this film," she said.


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