Jupiter storms the portrait of the planet's' marble & # 39; from NASA



Jupiter stands out in this marble portrait.

NASA / JPL-Caltech / SwRI / MSSS / Kevin M. Gill

We have a new participation in the contest of the most beautiful photo of planet claiming to be a marble. The classic view of the Earth on blue marble dating from 1972 is still convincing, but Jupiter, a black horse, faces a new image of NASA.

NASA made the view this week with the simple title "Jupiter Marble". The color-optimized view combines three images taken in February by the Juno spacecraft, which has been investigating the gas giant since 2016.

Juno's close-in pass gave us a magnificent glimpse of the planet's southern hemisphere, including a side view of the infamous Great Red Spot, a huge rotating storm that is about twice the size of the Earth. It seems like you can extract the planet from the darkness of space and throw it into a game.

Citizen scientist Kevin M. Gill, who describes himself as a "planetary data wrestler" at NASA, has treated the images to create the complete picture of clouds and storms dancing on the planet.

Juno delivered crazy and crazy images of Jupiter, including a formation that looks like a character from South Park and whoever took the shape of a dolphin. The marble portrait is simply beautiful to look at, a reminder of the wonders of our solar system.


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