Jussie Smollett Attack Tip Tip Called False By Cops; An actor talks to a television lawyer

The Chicago police have set aside today a council that sought to directly connect Jussie Smollett to former "people of interest" during the alleged January 29 attack on him. Empire actor is looking to add more muscle to his legal team.

A resident or a person visiting the Smollett apartment in Chicago told police that they had seen the actor in the elevator with Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo late at night. ;assault. Now confirmed to have known Smollett socially as a Empire extra and a personal trainer, the brothers were arrested by police on February 13 and interrogated for 48 hours before being released without charge.

The incident was originally described as a racist and homophobic dam that left Smollett openly gay beaten, dipped in bleach and fitted with a rope around his neck. According to a police source, the brothers and sisters of Osundario, who had already been identified as people in the photos of "people of interest" in the Smollett case, would now be "fully" cooperative with the authorities.

However, this trick that the trio would be together has fallen to the brink, as announced this afternoon the Chicago Police spokesman, Anthony Gugliemi, on social media:

This new short-term turn in the CPD investigation comes as the Smollett team is in contact with Hollywood lawyer Mark Geragos "in recent days," a source told Deadline on Tuesday.

We are told that there is currently no formal agreement between the two parties, but such a decision would have the effect of placing the high-ranking lawyer in Smollett's camp in the midst of a whirlwind of conflicting narratives about an alleged attack on the actor of the empire last month. Currently represented by Chicago defense lawyers Todd S. Pugh and Victor P. Henderson, Smollett and all the others could have seen the famous geragos use his pundit platform to audition for the concert when CNN appeared. Monday evening. lively gathering for the actor.

Currently, Smollett's legal team, with or without Geragos, is holding their own to prevent their client from attending another formal session with CPD.

Although there have been no scheduled appointments despite repeated requests from the Chicago police, the department continues to ask lawyers and representatives of the actor to be able to talk to Smollett again. While the suspicions and the spotlight of the investigation now seem to be focusing on Smollett himself, the DPC wants more information on what happened in the early hours of January 29, when two men allegedly attacked the Empire star near his windy city his apartment.

Now, on the basis of information obtained from the Osundario brothers and others, the DPC is investigating whether the attack could have been planned and with an agenda.

Speak on Hello America On Feb. 14, during his first interview since the January 29 incident, Smollett said he thought the attack had occurred because of his highly publicized criticisms against him. from the old Celebrity Apprentice host. "I'm really really strong against 45," said the actor GMA co-host Robin Roberts. "I'm really coming very hard against his administration, and I do not speak the language," Smollett said of the president who described the attack as "horrible" several days after the event. .

Meanwhile, Empire Producers cut Smollett's scenes of episodes that are in production this week and are moving forward, sources said. A little over a week ago, Fox and others associated with the series firmly rejected the idea that Smollett was being removed from the Empire, which some Local Chicago media have evoked as a reason why the attack could have been orchestrated. Now, even with Smollett's renewed support of Empire Director Brett Mahoney on Feb. 17, Fox was remarkably silent about the future of the actor in the series.

Empire returns for its second half of its fifth season on March 13 – at that time, if this is not resolved, this case will have changed several more times, you can rest assured.

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