Jussie Smollett repeats "attack" with two brothers, says police


Jussie Smollett

& # 39; attack & # 39; repeated with 2 brothers

… says the forces of order

18/02/2019 12:14 PST


Jussie Smollett repeated "the attack" against him a few days before the incident and all this was arranged for the camera, according to what the 2 brothers told cops.

The forces of the order say to TMZ, Abel and Ola Osundairo They told the police that they had gotten into a car with Jussie and that they had spotted a place, contenting themselves with the one just in front of the actor's apartment. The brothers said that Jussie had chosen the place because he thought that a camera would have filmed the action.

Our sources say that the brothers told the police that Jussie wanted to make it a "physical thing", but not to the point that he was seriously injured.

Jussie says the night he was attacked, the brothers say they came on the scene but were extremely nervous because, while they played the scene, a car passed and they feared to be identified.

Our sources say the brothers played rehearsal – they shouted that they had recognized Jussie's "Empire", and then threw out the racist n-word and the homophobic f-word.

The brothers told the cops that "they had made contact with Jussie's face" but that he was "weak". They said that they did not know how he had suffered bruising, but the organized brawl was not designed to hurt him.

Watch this video of Abel … if he wanted it, it could do a lot of damage.

TMZ broke the story … when the cops arrived, Jussie took them He said that "the attack" had been shot down and told the camera, saying that the incident had been filmed on video. What he did not know, was that the camera had been pointed in the wrong direction and had not caught the incident.

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