Justice Ministry to seek death penalty for shot gun suspect in Pittsburgh synagogue


Robert Bowers
Robert Bowers, 46, was charged during the shooting in October 2018, which killed 11 worshipers. His lawyers pleaded not guilty on his behalf in November and requested a jury trial.

Federal prosecutors will seek the death penalty for obstructing the free exercise of religious beliefs resulting in the death, use and unloading of a firearm to commit murder and possession of a weapon to fire during a violent crime.

Prosecutors say that their intention to seek the death penalty is justified because Bowers' anti-Semitic views played a role in the shooting, that it was intentional and that he showed no remorse, according to a federal opinion requesting the death penalty.

Bowers has been charged with 63 federal charges, including hate crime charges, according to a January 2019 indictment. Of these 63 charges, 22 are punishable by the death penalty, a statement from the US Department of Justice said. Justice published in January.

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