Justin Amash becomes the first member of the Republican Congress to demand the removal of Trump


Amash 's comments in which it was recommended to Congress to prosecute the president for charges of obstructing justice were the first case of a Republican sitting in Congress calling for Trump' s removal.

Amash is a rare critic of Trump at GOP. He has already stated that Trump's conduct in the pressure exerted at the time by the FBI's director, James Comey, deserved to be indicted. In a thread on Saturday, Amash said he thought "few members of Congress even read" Robert Mueller's special council report and that he himself set out "multiple examples" of violations. of justice committed by Trump.

"In contrast to Barr's portrayal, Mueller's report reveals that President Trump has engaged in specific actions and behavior that meets the threshold of impeachment," Amash said in a series of posts on Twitter.

While many Democrats have called for impeachment proceedings against Trump, many GOP members have endorsed Trump's assertions about the Mueller report and defended his conduct. For his part, Barr stated that the report did not establish any conspiracy between Trump and Russia and that he and the then Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, did not believe his findings sufficient to accuse Trump hindering justice.
The comments of Amash held on Saturday regarding the impeachment go further than many members of the leadership of the Democratic Party in the House. Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, said last Thursday that "every day leads to impeachment proceedings", while asserting that she did not want to dismiss, although she did not want to dismiss, although did not exclude the possibility.
Republican Rashida Tlaib, also from Michigan, responded to Amash's Twitter feed later Saturday and urged her to join her impeachment resolution.

"@ justinamash come to me in Longworth in 1628. I have an impeachment investigation resolution that you are going to want to sponsor," tweeted Tlaib.

Amash – a libertarian conservative elected at the Tea Party wave in 2010 – was a founding member of the House Freedom Caucus, a key group of Republicans who have worked to move the GOP caucus to the right on many issues, but at the same time Trump era. he found himself at odds with his conservative allies who embraced the president.

Amash said Saturday that he had formulated his findings "only after having carefully read and fully read Mueller's written report, read or viewed the relevant statements and testimonies, and discussed them with my staff, who carefully examined the documents. and m provided a more in-depth analysis. "

He added that Barr had repeatedly misled the public about the Mueller report, a charge repeatedly made by Democrats and others that the Attorney General challenged.

"Barr's false statements are important but often subtle – they often take the form of tricky maneuvers or logical errors, which he hopes no one will notice," Mr. Amash said.

Amash said that "unlike Barr's representation," Trump's actions "reach the threshold of impeachment" and that anyone without the unique legal protections of the presidency would be charged with an indictment.

He argued that the role of the Congress was to advance the impeachment process and accused people on both sides of the aisle of political motives, claiming that they had changed "opinion", depending on whether they discussed (former president), Bill Clinton or Donald Trump. "

"Our system of checks and balances is based on the fact that each branch is jealously guarding its powers and fulfilling its obligations under our Constitution," Amash tweeted. "When loyalty to a political party or individual overrides the Constitution, the rule of law – the foundation of freedom – erodes."

Clare Foran and Ashley Killough of CNN contributed to this report.

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