Justin Bieber discovers that he is 60% Irish and Conor McGregor likes him


Justin Bieber

60% Irish and Conor McGregor love it !!

20/04/2019 16:06 PDT

Justin Bieber Better to learn to love whiskey and potatoes … because he is Irish !!!

The Biebs ecstatically revealed Saturday that his country was about 60% Irish, which prompted him to give Ireland a message on his Instagram Story. It was in response to his message, Jeremy, about IG showing he was holding a bottle of Conor McGregorTwelve Irish whiskey.

Naturally, all this caught the attention of Conor who jumped on Twitter and kissed his countryman, look no further, that is brother.

Justin, of course, was born in Canada and, not so long ago, he had huge plans to apply for become a US citizen. The kid literally takes the world, huh ?!

The Biebs have the right timing … Conor sent all his love to Dublin where he was participating in an exhibition boxing match. Conor kicked the ass … and now he has two reasons to delay a few shots of Twelve Mild.

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