Juul CEO Kevin Burns says non-smokers should not try his company's product


Juul CEO Kevin Burns said Thursday that non-smokers should not use his company's product. "Do not vape. Do not use Juul, "said Burns during an appearance on CBS This morning. "Do not start using nicotine if you do not have a pre-existing relationship with nicotine. Do not use the product. You are not our target consumer. "

The clear message comes as the company faces numerous lawsuits, growing public concern about Juul's popularity among teens and an investigation launched by House Democrats earlier this year. . Burns has already apologized to the teenage families addicted to the product, claiming that it had never been intended for use by children.

When CBS was asked if Juul was safer than traditional cigarettes, Burns refused to answer. "I will not comment on where I am," he says. "Let's just say that cigarettes are recognized as the number one preventable death in the world and are at the extreme extreme – the risk continuum." today, its toxicity is tested and does not present, you know, risk based on the recommendations of the category to the American public ".

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