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A new option in the fight against cancer gives patients like Sonya Gordon the hope that one day there will be a cure.

"It's absolutely amazing," Gordon said. "No matter what kind of cancer you have, they always make improvements, and every day you survive or every year that you survive, it gives you so much more hope it's going to be another medicine, they're going to find a cure, and you will not have to come here every three weeks. "

The new drug is called Vitrakvi and it will not be cheap. it will cost about $ 32,000 for a one month supply.

Rather than fighting breast cancer, lung cancer or any other type of cancer, it is designed to treat cancers that occur anywhere in the body and carry some genetic mutation.

"When the study was announced, 22% of their patients were in complete remission and about 80% of patients were responding to treatment as long as they had this particular fusion in their disease," Cancer Center of Kansas President . Shaker Dakhil explained.

Dakhil says that the mutation against which Vitrakvi works is rare, but that the new drug will force doctors to look for the mutation in every cancer observed.

"Every new discovery is a new hope for our patient," said Dakhil.

Michael Riddle also believes in a cure. He has been fighting cancer for years. The news of the revolutionary drug brings hope.

"The advances are great," said Riddle.

Gordon added, "This gives you hope that more years will come with your family and your kids."

Dakhil says that you can do a test to see if the drug is right for you, no matter how long you have cancer.

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