Kamala Harris publishes 15 years of tax returns

Kamala Harris

Senator Kamala Harris's release of her income tax returns precedes tax day and the anticipated publication of the results of a decade of her rival Senator Bernie Sanders. | Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Senator Kamala Harris and her husband reported a total income of about $ 2 million in their 2018 federal tax return, according to a major publication of Sunday's California Democrat's statement that her presidential campaign would be the "most transparent "of the sprawling wave. 2020 field.

Harris has published 15 years of tax returns – three more than any other candidate. Harris's records cover every year since 2004, when she was elected to San Francisco.

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In their 2018 report, Harris and her husband, lawyer Doug Emhoff, reported an adjusted gross income of $ 1.89 million, including Senator Harris's salary, and the $ 320,000 that she had earned by writing a book entitled "The truths we have". Harris and Emhoff were married. in 2014, then began filing jointly. In 2018, they paid $ 563,426 in federal taxes and donated $ 27,000 to a charity.

Their average effective tax rate was about 32% since their marriage.

Harris's publication comes on the day of the tax and early release of his rival, Senator Bernie Sanders, over a decade. Sanders and his wife have recently entered the millionaire category, largely because of advances on books and royalties. During his 2016 race, Sanders released a summary of his return in 2014, pledging to provide more when he is named Democratic nominee. Hillary Clinton, for her part, has published eight years of tax returns dating back to 2007.

This time, the Meaning. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, as well as Washington Governor Jay Inslee, have publicly released various years of their tax records. Several other Democrats, including former representative Beto O. Rourke, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey have pledged to do so.

However, the volume of the publication of Harris, which includes 528 pages, including schedules, gives him the right to brag to the other presidential candidates, and a claim for transparency vis-à-vis President Donald Trump, who has long pushed back the release of his taxes. A Harris campaign assistant said the senator was in favor of a law requiring that the president's tax returns be made public.

Warren's latest report showed that her husband, Bruce Mann, a professor at Harvard Law School, reported total income of nearly $ 906,000 and adjusted gross income of $ 846,394, including $ 324,687 from his book. They paid about $ 230,000 in taxes.

Warren had already released 10 years of returns last fall.

Klobuchar and her husband, lawyer and law professor Jonathan Bessler, earned $ 292,306 and paid nearly $ 63,000 in federal taxes in 2017. They have issued statements about a dozen years.

Gillibrand earned about $ 218,000 last year from his salary in the Senate and a book sales contract.

In the years before her marriage, Harris's income came mainly from the salaries of the Attorney General and the California Attorney General. In his 2004 filing, Harris earned close to $ 145,000, which amounted to $ 155,000 two years later; and $ 223,000 in 2009, including $ 13,000 in external revenue from his first book, Smart on Crime. Its adjusted gross income rose to $ 263,000 in 2010, but fell to $ 158,000 as the state's Attorney General in 2011; and $ 130,000 in 2012. Harris and Emhoff paid federal taxes of $ 410,000 on $ 1.2 million in 2014.

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