Kamala Harris's father claims her for her use of the pot

The Jamaican father of Democratic Senator Kamala Harris, presidential candidate, blamed her for saying that she was smoking marijuana and supporting her legalization, saying that she was playing the "identity politics" ".

Donald Harris, a professor of economics at Stanford University, said it was harming Jamaican ancestors in his family.

"My dear deceased grandmothers … along with my dead parents, have to turn in their graves to see the name, reputation and proud Jamaican identity of their family in any way, joking or not, with the fraudulent stereotype of a pot. Smoke seeker of joy and in pursuit of identity politics, "he said in a statement to Jamaica Global Online released last Friday.

"Speaking for me and my immediate Jamaican family, we want to categorically disassociate ourselves from this evil," said his father.

His daughter, a first-time Californian senator who launched her 2020 campaign last month, participated in the New York radio show "The Breakfast Club" earlier last week and asked if she it was opposed to the legalization of the pot.

"This is not true," she told Charlamagne Tha God, co-host. "Well, I'm joking about it – half joking – half of my family is from Jamaica. Are you kidding me? "

Later, she was asked if she had ever smoked marijuana.

"I have, and I have inhaled – I have inhaled." It was a long time ago, but yes, "said Harris, whose mother is Indian.

Jamaica Global Online took note of the coverage that her remarks had received in the media, posting headlines such as: "Kamala Harris quotes Jamaican roots in favor of ganja legislation."

The site then reprimanded him.

"Thus, the perception created by Ms. Harris' statement is real and has caused some discomfort among Jamaicans at home and in the diaspora and, it seems, now, his father and his Jamaican family," writes -he. "For some, it's more than a simple discomfort; A Jamaican commenting on social media expressed his concern: "Soon, my job will push me to submit to a drug test because I am from Jamaica. What a stereotype. His concern is not unfounded, given the experience of Jamaicans traveling in US ports with sniffer dogs in the customs halls. "

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