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Kamariya | 3D audio | Bass Boosted | Mitron | Dj Chetas | HQ | # 3daudio | #Trending

3D song Kamariya 3D Audio, Mitron, Extra Bass Boosted
Put on your headphones and feel the song Comin Alive
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This is real 3D that uses 3-dimensional space
It means that, in this song, not only can you feel traveling
Left and right, but also behind the head and even above, close your eyes, and then listen if you want to experience the real 3D effect!

Link: techwithaadvik.blogspot.com

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✿ If you want to listen to your favorite 3D track in the 3D audio version, leave a comment or send us a message on social media and tell us which song you want to listen to in 3D audio Let you know about the weather We can add 3D effects in your song or not as fast as possible! (^ ‿◠) ✌

(͠◉_◉᷅) What is 3D audio and extra 3D audio? (? _?)

Ans = If you stay on Youtube, you can easily find a lot of songs with 3D audio and you will notice that some voices or songs go from one ear to the other and in some songs in 3D , but it's still not the case Feel in 3D and Gud!
Thus, the audio that travels from ear to ear is called its holophonic or binaural audio, we call it here "Extra 3D Audio" and the 3D audio to the Another (the one whose audio stays in both ears and still feels called Haas effect). Our channel has both types of 3D audio versions! ☜ (▿c)
(You can Google "What is binaural audio or Haas effect" or "How does it work" to learn more)

Done ✍ (◔◡◔) –
Some people feel dizzy while listening to additional 3D audio and they prefer 3D audio and some prefer additional 3D audio over 3D audio!

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