Kansas vs. Kansas State score: Jayhawks beat Big 12 Wildcats leader, hopes to stay alive


The series was not going to end like this. Not at Big Monday, when Kansas coach Bill Self entered the night 28-0 all-time spotlight. Not against Kansas State, the Kansas conference and its regional rival. And especially not that night, where the Wildcats could have silenced a sold-out crowd in Lawrence, Kansas, and moved closer one step before ending The Streak with a win.

And this is not the case: No. 15 Kansas 64, No. 16 Kansas State 49.

The series is still alive.

The series, of course, refers to KU's 14 impeccably brilliant Big 12 titles. One of the most breathtaking successes of the modern sports era has continued despite the evidence – sometimes – that it could die. Well no, at least not yet.

The Jayhawks are the gold standard of academic excellence by winning at least part of the league for as many years as Allen Fieldhouse's fans survived on Monday. Whether the series is extended to 15 or not, the 14-year-old Big 12 series of 12 titles is already the longest in the history of the NCAA. The final may decide to continue or not.

As unlikely as it may seem, it can not be ruled out. By eliminating his American opponent Monday, Kansas (21-7, 10-5 Big 12) lost only one game from the top of the standings as of Monday night. The Kansas State record in Big 12 rose to 11-4, Texas Tech to 10-4, Baylor to 9-5 and Iowa State to 9-6. These are your suitors. the league still wide open for taking.

On Monday night, KU was Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Terminator 2" when he was left for dead, but was resuscitated and prospered moments later – the biggest compliment since it was destroyed 48 hours ago by Texas Tech. On Saturday, the Red Raiders inflicted KU's worst conference loss with Bill Self. Things seemed dark, if not bad, for KU.

Things are improving now for Kansas. Behind the 18 points and 14 rebounds of Dedric Lawson and the 9 points, 5 rebounds and 3 blocks of Mitch Lightfoot, the Jayhawks had no trouble sending his rival. K-State also did not struggle much, hitting just 18 of his 57 shots off the ground and flipping it 12 times.

Kansas's once-gloomy outlook suddenly shifted. He offers two field trips to schools in Oklahoma (Oklahoma State and Oklahoma), before finishing at home against Baylor. With K-State away, it is likely that the season will be over. OSU is 1-9 in its last 10 Big 12, or 3-7 over the same duration. Baylor is the most likely hurdle for KU to finish the season with a four-game winning streak.

Anything can happen in the Big 12 over the next two weeks because we've seen a little bit of everything in this regular season. But what we learned on Monday is that, although she is left for dead, the KU is still 14 years old to turn her straight into 15.

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