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Kanye West is again enriched. here's how


Kanye West is rich again. The rapper / singer / songwriter who sank to the bottom three years ago – hospitalized for a temporary psychosis while he apparently had a $ 53 million debt – is now on the cover of Forbes and attributing his return to an old love: the sneakers. "I'm a product guy at the base," West told the magazine. "Making products that make people feel immense joy and solving the problems that arise in their lives is the solution I like to do." Indeed, its Yeezy shoe line, which now carries Adidas after its launch with Nike in 2009, is expected to bring in more than $ 1.5 billion in 2019 and have earned $ 150 million before tax at West last year. . And that's not new: Mr. West designed athletic shoes in college and designed a shoe for the first time in 2007 for a Japanese company.

Forbes Kanye is in the thick of the shoe – how his Yeezy Boost 350 looks like Lamborghini and sells down for 40,000 pairs – but his eccentricities stand out as well. The floors of his home in Los Angeles are made of a rare Belgian coating that forces a crew to arrive from Europe from Europe in case of wear and tear; he partly attributes his creative imagination to bipolarity, which he calls a "superpower"; and he designs structures based on Luke Skywalker's original home on Tatooine for homeless people. He is also knowledgeable, owning 100% of Yeezy and placing third on Forbes& # 39; list of the best-paid celebrities behind Taylor Swift ($ 185 Million) and Kylie Jenner ($ 170 Million), by CBS News. And the 42-year-old does not see the end: "We only saw a small gleam," he said. (Read more stories from Kanye West.)

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