Kanye West speaks politics after being away from politics


The year has changed. But the politically inflammatory Kanye West? Maybe not so much.

The rapper, who had announced a few months ago that he would distance himself from politics, reacted on Tuesday with a tweet that reaffirmed his support for President Donald Trump.

"Trump all day," wrote West as 2019 began.

"One of my favorites among so many things about what the Trump hat represents for me is that people can not tell me what to do because I'm black," we read in another tweet. "Blacks are 90% Democrats … It sounds like control for me," read another.

In a follow-up tweet, West simply declared "2024" – a possible reference to the presidential election to be held that year.

In October, Trump's fan said he was tired of politics. West told his Twitter followers that "his eyes are now wide open" after having the feeling that he was being used to "spread messages" that he did not believe.

It's unclear what prompted the rapper to announce his "distance", but at the time, he was referring to "Blexit" – a campaign developed by conservative activist Candace Owens in an effort to move the African-American voters of the Democratic Party.

A few weeks earlier, West had lunch with Trump and had also met him at the Oval Office. Wearing a red "MAGA" cap, West praised the president and addressed scattered topics, including Superman, the 13th and second amendments, and North Korea.


Referring to Trump's cap, West said, "They tried to scare me away from wearing this cap.When I put that cap on, it made me feel Superman – my super "Favorite hero." You made a Superman cape for me. "

Overall, West was complimentary to the President. At one point, he even said that he loved her and that he ran around Resolute's office to take him in his arms.

Elizabeth Zwirz of Fox News contributed to this story.

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