Kanye West's "Easter Sunday Service" Seizes Coachella


As promised, Kanye West presented his "Sunday service" at Coachella on Easter morning, as dozens of musicians, singers and dancers performed a series of spiritual songs, covers and songs by the rapper himself – including a new one. titled "Water" – for an audience of thousands of people at the top of a hill at the festival site in Indio, California. While he was hitting briefly on a few songs, West was generally the leader of the service, as he had been at previous incarnations in California and Oregon since he had started directing the service in early January.

To get to the site, Coachella participants traveled a certain distance from the festival car park to a closed area of ​​the campground. A full group – including a harp – was installed on the plateau of a hill surrounded by freshly laid turf. A perimeter fence surrounded the hill, which included a sort of VIP area extending behind another grassy hill. In the field, guests could buy food and beverages, including orange juice, coffee and smoothies, as well as chicken and waffles, breakfast tacos and burritos. Still, many others were interested in "church clothes", ie merch, for sale, including sweatshirts for $ 165 – $ 225, "Jesus Walks" socks for $ 50 , t-shirts with the words "Trust God" and "Sunday Service". in the mountains "on the back.

The ceremony began with a slightly sinister prelude to the organ, while West and the choir, fort a dozen people, delighted by a purple-beige robe, were heading to the hill. Little by little, they formed a circle around it, while other singers and dancers dressed in robes appeared at the top of the hill behind the stage.

After about 15 minutes of prelude, the drums began and the band started playing a fusion-jazz-style music reminiscent of the 70s albums of Stevie Wonder and Roy Ayers. It was a large band, with at least five percussionists, a large horn section, a harpist and a choir of dozens of musicians, all of whom wore a micro-headset.

After about 20 minutes, the musicians stop playing, with the exception of only one guitarist who keeps pace, while West goes on stage alongside the drummers, group members who jostle their fists.

The music resumed, alternating between the full orchestra and the prelude orchestra, with a pair of singers singing while other members of the choir were entering the hill, saying from time to time " He is risen!

From time to time, the broadcast stream folded over an aerial shot that showed how much the area of ​​representation, surrounded by cleaned grass, looked like an eye. (Many commentators on social media have also highlighted the similarity of this configuration with the fictional world of the surreal TV show of the 1990s "Teletubbies.")

After about 45 minutes, the song began in earnest, the choirmaster exhorting the singers and the crowd: "Come on, put a small volume on this praise! Can we hear that name again? He is Jesus!

After an evangelical vampire around the phrase "You are the only power!", The singer suddenly broke into the song of West hit in 2010, "Power", applauding the rhythm. That quickly turned into "Higher", and another that seemed to be a rearrangement of Otis Redding "" Try a little tenderness "with a chorus of" Jesus will not leave us ", then" As "from Stevie Wonder and a moving take on Soul II's" Back to Life "in 1990, whose breathtaking chorus sang a capella by a gospel choir.

Teyana Taylor gradually interpreted the music by interpreting her film "Never Aurait Made It" produced in the West and transforming herself into an interpretation of West's "Fade", which challenges the cover of the temptations by Rare Earth by artists of Motown. lose me. "

The choirmaster continued to conduct the choir with phrases such as "We absorb the light" and "We have everything we need.

During the performance, West – with his hair cut short in several shades of purple – shone and joined, but did not really play until the end, when he sat down at the keyboard and cut some melancholy vocal samples with a member of the choir a dance.

"Yes, we all want a sunny day!" The choirmaster shouted as the choir entered Kirk Franklin's song of the same name.

The band continued to play on various phrases and song excerpts – we even think we heard someone briefly say "Poopity scoop", a reference to West's fun song "Lift Yourself" – until that day. West take a microphone and, with his hoarse voice, hit on "All Falls Down", with the choir joining him on the choir.

He then announced a new song called "Water", a discreet song with lyrics on the theme of spirituality and a sweet rhythm that revolves around the chorus "We are water", closing with a few verses of "Ultralight Beam". the ensemble ends with a long rendition of West's song "Jesus Walks" in 2004; West picked up the microphone and rapped the song's verses hoarsely, ending on his knees on the top of the hill as cameras and clapping singers surrounded him.

Finally, he got up and smiled at the camera, stopping for a few moments before the band played a mixture of gospel and soul revivals and the dancers left the hill.

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