Karl-Anthony Towns was lucky enough to survive a car accident


Former Kentucky Wildcats player, Karl-Anthony Towns, had a car accident last week, which deprived him of the first two games of his career in the NBA.

In fact, it's a pretty impressive series, considering that it's in its fourth season with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

However, the missed matches were the least of Towns's concerns given the potential gravity of the accident. He told reporters Monday that he felt lucky to be alive.

"The accident could have happened, I would say I had a 5% chance of surviving," Towns said. "I would say 4% had to be seriously injured, and 1% had to be slightly injured – and I went out in the 1%."

Towns was the passenger of a Hyundai Santa Fe, who was stopped by a semi-truck while he was stopped on the highway. I imagine that there are few more terrifying sites to see in your rear-view mirror, while the driver, Minnesota forces coach, Kurt Joseph, told Towns that the truck was just coming up. before the impact.

The cities have been eliminated in the NBA's concussion protocol and should be included in the Timberwolves' training for Monday night's game against the Sacramento Kings. One thing is certain, however, Towns does not take its good graces for granted.

"It could have been a lot worse," Towns said. "I'm just happy that everyone is safe from the accident. Everyone is alive. "

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