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Kate Middleton will be the host of the Meghan Markle British Baby Shower

Visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Northern Ireland - Day Two

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  • Kate Middleton may have skipped the Meghan Markle baby shower in New York, but there are apparently other ongoing projects.
  • More! She apparently thinks she has more children herself.

    Important update of the royal stronghold! Kate Middleton was visibly absent from the Meghan Markle Baby Shower in New York City two weeks ago, which led people to think that the so-called fight between the two was still a thing, but apparently there was a very good reason.

    The royal family attends the church on Christmas day

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    There are big plans for another party / shower / situation / celebration in London with the British crew, and Kate attends not only to this one, but also hosts everything.

    "There will always be some kind of baby-centered private event for the British from Meghan, and Kate will be the host," said a royal source We weekly. "His glam people and other relatives will be there. I'm not sure it's a "full shower" for baby, but you could probably call it that. "

    Oh! As if there was not enough news to distract you for the rest of the day, Kate just hinted that she could start thinking about baby number four. During an appearance in Northern Ireland, she met an adorable little boy and went to see his father, saying: "He is beautiful. The father asked, "Baby number four?" And Kate replied with a laugh, "I think William would be a little worried."

    D & # 39; agreement! I spend the rest of my day dreaming about the luxury of a Kate Middleton baby shower, wondering where the hell is my invitation and thinking about a potential royal number four.

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