Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom would be willing to have children and expand their families


Orlando Bloom has just offered Katy Perry a flower-shaped ruby ​​ring of up to $ 5 million, by some estimates, and they are now ready to expand their family and spend some of that money on diapers.

According to one People Katy plans to "slow down her career this year" to be able to nest and have children. According to the source, the timing will be "as soon as possible".

Clearly, it is very vague, but it would seem that Katy and Orlando are extremely excited about the idea of ​​doing it, so do not expect that they are waiting too long. In addition, Orlando has an adorable 8 year old son, Flynn, whom he had during his wedding with model Miranda Kerr.

They also added that the decision for them to get engaged was not taken lightly, especially since they had taken a little "respectful and loving" time aside in 2017 . PeopleThe source said Katy and Orlando "have been talking about getting engaged for a while." After being reconciled, Katy felt very safe with Orlando and they both knew it was different. This time they have made their relationship a priority all over the world to maintain their strong relationship. "

Anyone else is it super excited to see her child room and the inevitable decor of Candy Land?

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