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Keelan Doss wants to show that he is part of Raiders after the week's flash

ALAMEDA – Keelan Doss, the non-recruited receiver, had a busy week.

The star of "Hard Knocks" was cut by the Raiders during the day of cup and chose to sign with the training team of the Jaguars of Jacksonville on the Raiders.

Then Antonio Brown arrived. As you know. the star catcher became nuclear after receiving fines for missing practice and a guided tour during his helmet grievance, which led to an altercation with GM Mike Mayock. A subsequent fine for the counting of Mayock's cancellation of the guaranteed money in Brown's contract led him to apply for and receive his release from the Raiders.

With a spot on the 53-player roster, the Raiders attempted to bring back Doss, but the UC Davis product initially pushed back their bid, accepting more money from the Jaguars to stay in Jacksonville. However, the Raiders continued on Doss and finally gave the receiver a $ 300K signing bonus, along with $ 495K and Brown's place on the 53-man roster.

After a quick week, the kid Alameda is happy to be at home.

"Crazy, you know?" Doss said Wednesday when asked about his week. "It's just coming and going from here and from Florida.The week has been crazy, but happy to be here, ready to contribute and go out on Sundays and play plays." "

Doss became a celebrity because of his run on "Hard Knocks" as an un-drawn local kid. The Raiders are happy to have Doss in their place and coach Jon Gruden hopes everything will be fine now that Doss is back in the Silver and Black categories.

"Look, he's not the first guy to get cut and be part of the training team," Gruden said Wednesday. "So, do not do this theme" Hard Knocks ", okay? I mean, he's not the first receiver that we cut or that another team cut and brought back to Their 53rd goal.So now, what is it? Here's an opportunity and with some receivers beaten a bit, he might have his chance this week. "

"But it's a nice story, but the reality is this is part of the NFL," continued Gruden. "You have to take advantage of your opportunities when they show up and I will say this: we are the team that gave him his first shot in the NFL and his first shot on the active 53. So let's hope everything will go well ends to be really a happy story for everyone ".

Doss also pointed out how special it was that the Raiders were the first team to give him a chance to prove that he possesses the NFL's talent.

"One hundred percent means a lot," said Doss. "Coach Gruden, you know – I'm just trying to make games so obvious and give the impression that I belong to here, I come here every day and I prove it."

The rise of Doss in celebrity worship has not lost so far, but with HBO, it remains focused on the only thing that matters: stay with the Raiders.

"The last three days have been crazy," said Doss, about people interested in his story. "Of course, that's a lot on the internet, but I'm trying not to pay too much attention because, you know me, man, I just have to focus on my work and come here and play games."

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After Doss repelled the Raiders' first attempt to get him out of Jacksonville, the question remains as to why he finally chose to return to the Raiders and take Brown's place on the 53rd? As Gruden has said, it comes down to who gives Doss the chance to prove that he is an NFL player.

"Opportunity," said Doss. "Obviously, I feel good here and I'm ready to go in. As I said, I'm just happy to be back here and play plays on Sunday."

With J.J. Nelson healing an ankle injury, Doss's time could be Sunday when the Raiders face the Kasnas city leaders. Now, it is up to Doss to reward the faith of Oakland.

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